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Youth Initiatives
Be About It. Get Involved!

Expand the Pool of Voters

LWV Greenwich seeks to ensure that all eligible voters are


Help expand participation with under-represented voters:  minorities, young people, and newcomers to Greenwich.


Engage and Inform Voters

LWV Greenwich seeks to ensure that all eligible voters are


Expand the information chain through text, social media, and email.  Create videos to explain the voting process and the candidates' positions.  Got a great idea? We are all ears.


Digital and Creative Opportunities

Help Spread the Word

Follow us on social media and share our posts to help ensure relevant, accurate information reaches all eligible voters.


Create or Share Content

Check out our hub of creative civic content. Use them on your social accounts


Create your own and submit to help others use it on theirs social media.


Work at the Polls!

Volunteers interested in working
anywhere in Connecticut
where their help is needed

TBA for 2021

Volunteers interested in working
only in Greenwich

TBA for 2021

LWV Greenwich How To Guides

Learn how to get involved and what’s involved when you volunteer with Team LWV Greenwich. These brief summary guides tell you all you need to know about helping empower voters.

We’ve got all the information you need right here about volunteering with LWV Greenwich. Whether it’s working at the polls on Election Day, sharing or creating digital content, or getting people out to vote, sign up for one or all. Get involved your way!

Running For Office

Looking to have a greater impact on your world?
Have a point of view that you want to be considered in the decision making process?

Don't leave it to others.  No matter what your age, political persuasion, or background,
consider running for office yourself. 

The League has guidance to inform your personal civic journey.  Check out these Quick Links.

How to Run for Office   l   Candidate Qualifications   l   Candidate Ballot Access

Get Involved Your Way

The best way to get involved is to become a member of the League and to join a Committee. 

But, we are always looking for help.  Tell us how you'd like to get involved


Publicity, website, social media, photo- and video-graphy,
graphic design, virtual media.

Membership & Development

Membership outreach, engagement,

Opportunities for Youth

outreach, engagement.
Essay Contest.

Programming & Events

Community speaker series and
member events.

Voters' Services

Voter registration, debates,
voter information.