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Voting In Connecticut

General & Local Election Day

November 3rd, 2020
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Connecticut Voting Information

Voter ID

Is a driver's license or photo ID required to vote in Connecticut?
No. When you arrive at the polling place the poll worker will request that you present ID but if you do not have any then in most cases, you may sign an affidavit in lieu of presenting ID. There are several options for identification and they do not need to be a driver's license or have a photo.

My new driver’s license indicates that it is NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION. May I use it as identification at the polling place?
Yes. You may continue to use your current driver’s license at the polling place when you vote. When you check-in to vote, in lieu of the driver’s license, you may also show a credit card with your name and signature, an ID with your name and photograph, or any document with your name and address such as a checkbook or a utility bill.

Does my ID need to have the address printed on it?
No. If your ID includes a photo, it does not need to include your address. Please see the chart below.


Two Types of ID Requirements in CT:
A. First time voters who:

1. registered by mail after January 1, 2003, and

2. are voting for the first time in an primary/election with federal candidates on the ballot and

3. have a "mark" next to their name on the official registry list:

You must present:
A copy of a current and valid photo identification that shows your name and address;


A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or government document that shows your name and address;


Cast a provisional ballot

You must present:
Your social security card, or

Any pre-printed form of identification that shows your:
name and address, or
name and signature, or
name and photograph


Sign a statement under penalty of false statement on Form ED-681 entitled, "Signatures of Electors Who Did Not Present ID", provided by the Secretary of the State that the elector whose name appears on the official check list is the same person who is signing the form.

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