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Voting In Connecticut

General & Local Election Day

November 3rd, 2020
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Connecticut Voting Information

Absentee Ballot Process

ALERT: Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) all voters can vote an absentee ballot for the November general election (see below).

Step #1.  Apply for an absentee ballot.  The Secretary of State will mail an absentee ballot application to each eligible registered voter in late September.  An application is also available online. 

Step #2.  Complete the absentee ballot application.  Voters choosing to vote absentee should return the completed application in the postage paid envelope and deliver it to the Town Clerk via the US mail or the secure official drop box located at the Town Hall visitor parking lot or the Public Safety Complex Lobby, 11 Bruce Place (Greenwich Police Station).  

Step #3.  The Town Clerk will mail Absentee ballots to registered voters who apply for one on October 2.  All questions about the status of your absentee ballot can be answered by the Town Clerk's office at 203-622-7897 or by email.

Step #4.  Complete the ballot, following all instructions precisely.  Be sure all ovals are completely filled in for your election choices. Insert your ballot into the inner envelope,  seal it, and sign your name at the "x" on the outside.  This signature is VERY important.  If the ballot is not signed, it will not be counted.  Greenwich Registrars estimate that 5-10% of absentee ballots are discarded for some failure to follow the guidance.  Place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope and seal it.

Step #5.  Return completed ballots to the Town Clerk via a secure official drop box located either at the Town Hall visitor Parking lot or at the  Public Safety Complex Lobby, 11 Bruce Place (Greenwich Police Station).  These drop boxes are available 24/7 and are checked regularly.  No postage is required if you return an absentee ballot  by US mail.  However, if you have any uncertainty about your ballot being received on time through the US mail, use the town drop box.  Absentee ballots must be received by 8 pm on Tuesday, November 3 (Election Day) to be counted.

Step #5.  Check to be sure that your Absentee Ballot has been received.

With current issues relating to COVID and expected pressure on the Post Office and the Town Clerk due to significant turnout anticipated this fall, the League recommends that all voters obtain their absentee ballots and return them as early as possible. 

For more information on absentee voting, contact the Secretary of State.

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